Superphonic supercharges reading

Superphonic is a new way to read, made specifically for early readers and ESOL students.

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This is the story of Max. 
It is a very big day. 
But he does not know it yet.


Sub-lexical reading

Tap any word to break it down into individual sounds of the word so that kids can learn the building blocks of reading (and apply them elsewhere).

Word recognition

Repeated exposure to words, and hearing the word spoken, contributes to whole word acquisition by sight, which helps kids recognize words without breaking them down first.

Pronunciation assessments

Each day's reading includes real-time pronunciation assessment to help students, teachers, and parents gauge how students are doing.

Multi-sensory reinforcement

Phoneme sounds are reinforced by integrated flash cards with auditory and visual mnemonic aids to help kids remember.

English to Spanish (coming soon)

Each word is presented with English and Spanish, along with simple definitions, to help ESOL students and their parents.

Incentive-based interaction

Actions by the reader that help reinforce phonemic awareness are rewarded with coins and fanfare to keep the reader practicing.

Learn about the world

The daily reading is an engaging story about being new and discovering how the world works, and teaches respect for differences.

Kid-friendly reading experience

The reading font uses familiar handwriting ligatures, lines are short, and spacing between lines is increased.

Reading Experience

Pronunciation Assessment